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My life was…honestly disintegrating. I was living with 10/10 blackout migraines every single day for a year and a half after I had received a Covid booster. I had gone to top neurologists all over the are, GP’s, gynecologist to check my hormones, cardiologists, and countless trips to the Emergency Room. I couldn’t really function in life anymore, because of constant debilitating migraines, exhaustion, and period pain. Taking a shower would be so exhausting I would usually need a nap afterwards. I came to Olivia in a last ditch effort, seeing as I had tried absolutely everything in western medicine I could access, and the western treatments were starting to be more problematic than helpful at all. I knew eastern medicine was more my style, and Olivia’s instagram was starting to convince me more and more this was the path I needed to embark on next. Our goals were to solve the migraines, improve energy, and reduce period symptoms/pain and endometriosis inflammation.
Before Olivia: I couldn’t even walk down the block anymore. Spending time outside, even on the most gorgeous sunshine filled day, was miserable. Exercise was impossible and usually triggered migraines. I was constantly nauseous, and scared of food triggering migraines since there’s so much information on the internet about food triggers and migraines. 
Post Olivia: I am back to running, feeling strong and energized, and have the capability of being able to show up for what I want to now! I did a 3 mile run with sprints right before even writing this! I eat all the time now, never scared of food, seeing my food as fuel and positive helpers for my body, and if I do get any headaches now, I have the tools to cure them!!! HUGE!
Also, I see rest as helpful now. Rest is productive! I’m better at reading my body now and knowing if I need mental space, physical rest, nutritional support, hydration, sleep, or supplements (etc).
Thank you Olivia for giving me so many tools to support my life!

Chronic MIGRAINES, Endometriosis, Extreme Fatigue 

Working with Olivia I became hungrier, healthier, happier, and PREGNANT!! Within two months of adding supplements, changing the way I ate, adding in key foods, and moving my body- all with Olivia as my coach on the side - I was able to conceive naturally for the first time after years of infertility and IVF cycles.
The biggest hesitation I had about investing in coaching was my follow through. Im a "big idea" person and don't enjoy the details. Olivia was approachable, reasonable, thorough and intelligent. I have worked with other nutrition coaches who had a very restrictive and exclusion mentality. Instead I felt empowered. She made me feel like I was in control of the meals I was making and that I wasn't following a strict diet. Olivia was the first nutritionist I've come across that emphasized INCLUSION and healthy habits instead of "dieting". 
She's amazing. A miracle worker! You have to trust in the process and TRY. Everyone's body is different so you can't follow some run of the mill diet or plan you find on google or in a book. Olivia looks into YOU and how your body works and functions - which is different from everyone else. She will create a personalized, attainable goal and help motivate you along the way. She does not leave you high and dry with an empty promise. She follows through & is a wealth of knowledge.

Samantha T, 34

Before working with Olivia I was very tired, bloated, had skin rashes and brain fog. After my second baby my postpartum experience was way different than my first.
There are so many tangible results I saw .. after about a month of working with Olivia my rashes went away and my mindset started to shift that things can change.. so did my blood work. My confidence in myself to know what’s best for myself and make choices that align with how I want to feel is another wonderful result of working with Olivia.
This experience is so valuable to me because for the first time in my life I put effort and time into learning about myself and what my needs are. After having two kids you can lose yourself and your needs in the work of motherhood but Olivia helped me realize how important it is to take care of my needs first and then good things will follow.
Working with Olivia is like having someone hold up a mirror and allow you to learn and reflect with the best positive coach. You can show up exactly as you are that day and Olivia is right there to meet you and help guide you to a higher place. Olivia has filled my toolbox with a lot of different tools I can use when I am not working with her and carry with me for the rest of my life. She is so knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients. She genuinely cares about you and you feeling your best! Thanks for all your hard work and helping me rediscover myself! I have a new found respect for finding joy in my life and reminding myself to fill my cup too so I can pour into others.

Brigid C, 31
 Hashimotos, Atopic dermatitis,
PostpartuM Care

Before working with Olivia, I was I was very bloated, had awful eczema, and intense hair loss.  My biggest hesitation with investing in coaching was the financial aspect of it and not sure if it the commitment was sustainable with my mom life style.
 Olivia included a lot of lab testing [to support targeting interventions in our container]. 
As a result of working with Olivia, I have better gut health and digestion!  Definitely less bloat and I learned a lot about nutrition and how diet effects me.
I also learned a lot of tools to problem solve when symptoms come up. Hair loss and eczema are still [a work in progress].
I would tell a friend it is nice to have someone that is on your side, someone who will listen to your symptoms and try to problem solve rather than dismiss them.

Dayna H, 33
Bloating, Stomach polypS, reflux
ECzema, Hair Loss, Fertility 

I am able to handle stress better, I am no longer constantly tired and can last the entire day on one cup of coffee. My digestion is regular for the first time in years, and I finally got my period back without HRT for the first time in almost 4 years.

Frannie S, 23

I wanted to address a series of unexplained health issues that my specialist doctors were treating as separate, unrelated problems. These ranged from bone inflammation to skin irritation to hormonal imbalances. [Working with Olivia], my skin has improved, my periods are more regular than they were when we began our work, and I have not experienced new joint inflammation or flare-ups. I also gained weight (in a healthy way!), which has helped to provide my body with the stability it needs in order to function properly. Above all else, I feel like I am now armed with so much information that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I understand more about the impact of the foods I put in my body and the small lifestyle changes I can make (like AM sunlight exposure or cold showers) that will alter my wellbeing. I also have strategies and helpful tips that enable me to stabilize my blood sugar, get the minerals and vitamins I need, and eat in a cleaner, healthier way.  Olivia is a positive, supportive advocate for your health. She is thorough, well-informed, and encouraging throughout the coaching journey. You will walk away from the experience feeling more optimistic about your own agency and ability to take care of your body!

Samara O, 31
 Joint Pain, Perioral Dermatitis
irregular Cycles/Spotting 

Kelly K, 34
inconsistent cycles

I had been on birth control for 8 years. I finally decided to stop taking it as my husband and I wanted to begin trying for a baby. My doctor wanted to put me on medication to fix these issues and that didn't quite sit right with me. I was lost and confused on how to navigate this new normal for me. I wanted solutions, but I also wanted to feel like someone was actually listening to me. I enrolled in the beta NBCNW course.. I would dare to say this course has changed my life. 
I am excited to say, a year after coming off birth control I got pregnant! I truly believe the lessons I learned from both NBCNW courses helped me nourish my body and implement better routines for an overall healthier cycle, which ultimately lead to us conceiving. 
Olivia is the first and only coach I have ever known. And honestly, I don't know how you can find anyone better! ...How warm and welcome she is. She invites you in and makes your conversations feel like a safe space to share and ask questions ... I was blown away by was her knowledge and expertise in this field.

Micaela H., 
FErtility- NBCNW Course

Prior to working with Olivia, I was irritable and frustrated about my lack of success balancing my hormones and conceiving our 3rd baby naturally. I experienced awful PMS symptoms including night sweats, acne, and intense mood swings. I felt lost and overwhelmed by too much information online and struggled to figure out what could work best for me and my body. 
Olivia’s advice and guidance always focused on root cause, not just putting a bandaid on my issues like most practitioners I had previously worked with.  While working with Olivia, my PMS symptoms drastically improved, my cycle regulated and my mental health also took a positive turn! I also conceived naturally — something we’d been trying for over a year and half.
Financially, it is definitely an investment but as I told Olivia, you cannot put a price on the knowledge and guidance she shares throughout the retainer — as well as the outcome I received, a healthy pregnancy!   I now have a strong foundation to share with my little girls — knowledge is so powerful, especially when it comes to the female cycle.I feel confident in the information I can now teach to them for their lives.
I would tell my best friend that they won’t regret their decision, I now have a toolkit for life that I can take with me and share with others to function optimally!
I cannot thank you enough, Olivia! Seriously — this retainer was life changing in the best possible way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

JessICA M, 32
Fertility & Hormone Balance

Before working with Olivia I was trying to reduce my HbA1c, preparing for pre-conception, and reduce stress.
Committing was intimidating for me. It was worth every penny. She taught me how to look at eating and my health from a view I’ve never tried to see before.
I have more energy, I know how to fill my plate and nourish my needs.
Olivia taught me what I have always questioned: how to go about eating healthy. She has taught me to find joy in each day, seek time for myself all while working full time and raising a family.
I would tell a friend, that she WILL help you and change your mindset on life.
Olivia not only was my health coach, but she became my friend. I cherish the time we spent together and always will.

Holly H, 36
Hypothyroid, Gut, & Fertility 





I have PCOS and felt it was hard to lose weight so that's when I sought out Olivia's expertise. It did not disappoint! Before working with Olivia, I didn't realized how skewed my relationship with food was! I felt so dependent on it (and not in a great way). I tried to "eat healthy" but had no idea what nutrients my body needed or what tweaks to make to the meals I thought were already healthy!  The best thing to happen to me by working with Olivia is that I became in charge of my health and it wasn't by moving mountains but rather small lifestyle changes that I incorporated into my meals. I realized eating healthy and providing for my body didn't have to be restrictive or a "diet". I learned to enjoy cooking even too! By making these changes, I felt like the weight literally just fell off (and stayed!) and I still did not feel restricted! I changed my relationship with food - i owned it. If i didn't have the healthiest meal that day, i didn't wait until the next Monday to start over, I just did better next time. I loved that I learned about what my body needed and what didn't make it feel good (something I have been struggling to do my whole life). I also don't feel as tempted by breads, pastas, or junk food as much as I have in the past. One of the biggest hesitations/fears about investing in the coach was the commitment and vulnerability.However, I decided to invest in myself and I do not regret it. In the first phone call with Olivia, I immediately felt at ease. Olivia is so warm and inviting and really made me feel that I could be open and honest with her. If you are on the fence, take a leap and go for it! I have learned so much about my body, which is priceless. No diet, generalized plan can provide you with the knowledge that Olivia can give you and personalize for you.

Brigid, 27

"Before working with Olivia, I was in pain constantly and my diet was extremely limited. I had seen so many doctors and I was getting quality of life has now improved dramatically."

Lauren, age 25, ibs

“Before working with Olivia I had struggled to get my cycle, let alone regulate it. I didn't have a good relationship with food and I felt like I had tried everything. I felt like I had already tried so many things to heal my body that investing in another thing couldn't possibly be worth it. I am so glad I did- she was integral in the steps to help me find the healing I was looking for! [Olivia] gave me so many tools I can use in my life that have helped me totally transform into a better version of me. Working with Olivia is a blessing and the best thing you can do is make sure you are in a place where you are open to new ideas, trying things you may not have heard of and trusting the process”

Addie, Amenorrhea + Stress Fractures

I am very glad that I had the chance to work with Olivia. She really helped me turn myself back in the right direction. She is one of the most positive people I've ever met but was still able to listen and understand when I wasn't feeling quite as positive about myself. Olivia gave me thoughtful recommendations and always remembered my peculiar allergies and preferences. She helped me from feeling too overwhelmed with significant but manageable goals in a way that made even me believe that I could achieve them. She holds an extremely important place in my story and in the way I continue to approach food choices and life in general.

Anna U, 40, IBS/Sjogrens

I came to see Olivia very lost and confused about my health status. I was sick, frustrated and in pain. I had been turned away by many doctors and was given a general diagnosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When I finally saw Olivia, she took the time to fully understand my physical, nutritional and mental status in order to evaluate me. She got to the bottom of my health issues and helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I did. Using an integrative approach, she guided me step by step through a very difficult elimination diet by providing me with helpful tips, recipes and a comprehensive action plan. Now, over two years later, I am still feeling good. She changed my life and I am forever thankful! 

Sarah E, 32 IBS

I learned so much from working with Olivia, including different triggers and factors that might be causing my painful bloating and constipation. She showed me valuable tools and techniques that I can incorporate to mitigate issues I have and helped me learn to recognize what may be causing my symptoms on a given day. She helped me see my relationship with food in a more positive light.

Olivia is incredibly kind and always looks out for your best interests. She helped me by genuinely listening to my problems during every session and providing potential solutions to my problems throughout our time together.

Mentally, I gained confidence in myself. I have confidence now that I can achieve the goals I have when it comes to my relationship with food and my body.


Feeling like I hadn't gotten help from coaching before, I really was hesitant to invest my time and energy into it again to possibly come out with no answers. I had a consultation with Olivia and really clicked with her methods and thoughts on moving forward - I believed in her practice. I came to Olivia, struggling to find answers for my digestion issues, wanting to lose weight before my wedding and not struggle with bloating on the day. The result of working with Olivia was a a total mindset shift, understanding that my stress was causing much of my issues and I could control the way I managed my stress while also tackling if there was something else wrong with my system. We discovered I had a thyroid deficiency and was able to get set up on a treatment that I've been using for almost two years now. Olivia takes a holistic approach to her wellness practice, I loved tackling what else could be connected to my stomach issues beyond just what I am eating. Olivia is incredibly educated and transparent and talks through what works for you before you move forward. It was always a team effort and I loved that!

Kirstie Biehl ,29 IBS/Hypothyroid

Physically, I lost 20 lbs over the few months I worked with Olivia, while mentally, I gained more confidence and learned to trust myself. I started listening to what my body needed and gave myself more opportunities to make smart, healthy, and informed decisions when it came to food.
The best result has been my improved relationship with food. For the first time, I feel in control and more mindful of what I'm consuming. That nagging urge to binge eat or turn to food as a source of comfort is finally gone and it's such a relief to not have those feelings holding me back. The weight loss was just an added bonus! My biggest fear was walking away without any results or positive changes. I had a lot of "mind over matter" moments where I doubted myself and didn't think I could move forward from any of the poor habits I had developed. However, those concerns quickly disappeared once Olivia helped me to see some of the mental roadblocks I had been creating for myself. I think I'd still be stuck in my old ways had it not been for Olivia's guidance and advice.

NiKKI M ,26

Working with Olivia, I saw a huge decrease in the amounts of vaginal yeast and bacterial infections I was getting. I felt supported and felt that I had a provider working with me who really cared and wanted to help me.
I had seen numerous doctors for over two years for my recurrent yeast infections (candidiasis) and bacterial vaginosis, sometimes being on antifungals or antibiotics for months at a time. I was a full-time college student and also professional dancer while seeing Olivia; this meant that I was under a lot of stress.
Olivia listened much more than other doctors, taking a more systems-based approach that didn’t just try to solve a health problem with a quick solution (like a dose of antibiotics that I already knew never solved the root causes). Olivia was very empathetic and caring and tracked progress over time, all things which I felt other doctors did not always embody. Olivia’s focus on nutrition and deficiencies shown from my lab testing were also very different strategies from former doctors and caused the biggest improvement in my symptoms than any other treatment.
 The best thing was that I regained a large amount of faith in healthcare and, in particular, holistic healthcare. The other best thing is that I saw improvements in my symptoms that no other doctor had helped me with, and I had seen a lot of doctors for my health issue previously.

Anabel W, 23 Chronic VAginal Infections

I sought out Olivia as I had a poor relationship with food. Disordered eating struggles, [and felt] frustrated and overwhelmed in how to eat with freedom.
Olivia is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and intentional in her approach to help.
My biggest hesitation about investing was me being my own roadblock. Paying for something and sticking with it [even during big life transitions]. She helped me demystify how to eat in a way that helps you reframe eating through the lens of nourishment vs. feeling out of control. She helped me better know my body signals and learn how to eat for nourishment vs. feeling overwhelmed. I experienced a better understanding of my body and what it meant to feel full and satisfied.
She’s kind, thoughtful and so supportive in her work with you. The process helped me reconnect to myself during a very stressful season of my life.
[I would tell a friend to] Give it a go! She’s the best and works to customize a holistic lifestyle plan that’s tailored to help you create a more balanced eating lifestyle that’s layered with so many great support resources along the way.

Laura B,  39
 Food relationship, Stress,
Food sensitivities, Body Pain 

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