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Are you tired of feeling stuck in your health and  told that a pharmaceutical, expensive treatment, or "waiting it out" is your only option?

Say goodbye to persisting symptoms and chronic health conditions. 
Free yourself from symptom "management" and instead get to the
ROOT CAUSE of your challenges with a holistic approach.
Find your tools to unlock true hormone balance & body confidence.






hormone symptoms

ownership in health


focus to what brings joy and purpose in YOUR life

Learn how we can partner to restore hormone balance and create a healing blueprint for your metabolism without a restrictive approach or ruining your relationship with food.

Ready to Nourish Confidently ? 

The Liv Nourished Process

The 4-step process to breaking the cycle of symptoms and creating long lasting change. 





I hear your story, listen to your concerns and explore your health history, mindset, and relationship with food -here we set the stage for your personalized transformation!

Together we establish the foundations for success, launching unshakable diet & lifestyle habits to support your symptoms and create healthy hormone balance - foundations are the framework for lasting results!

We collect lab testing data to better understand your specific needs and further leverage your personalized plan - catapulting you to your goals with out guessing!

Building on the first three steps, we create a plan for sustaining the momentum of your personalized blueprint so you can confidently continue on beyond our work together! - Step confidently into your life! 


Real tools. Real food. Real health. 

As a Functional Dietitian specializing in women’s health, I look beyond your isolated symptoms and instead use real food and mind-body medicine tools to get to the root cause of your period problems.

I have been there. Frustrated, confused, and feeling helpless. Pulling at strings for the next hopeful solution and shutting down when no progress was made. Finding myself hyper-focused on health and strained in my relationship with both food and myself, I realized I was getting nowhere. 

It wasn't until I chose abundance vs. restriction, self acceptance vs. rejection, and self kindness vs. force, that I reclaimed my period and along with it, faith in my body's ability to work with, not against me. 

You can get there too. Partnering together you’ll learn exactly how to nourish, move, and support your body so that you are no longer weighed down with the symptoms and doubt that have been getting in the way of fully enjoying your life.

let's get to work!

Hi, I'm Olivia!

As a functional dietitian, I help women identify and address the root causes of their symptoms.  Using food as medicine and lifestyle shifts, we build strong foundations for health and healing that lasts.  Say goodbye to fad diets and quick fixes, our work will empower you in your health and create lasting change.

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