Tired of Not Feeling Your Best Because of These Symptoms?

period problems
constant belly bloat
 Mood fluctuations
weight gain
irritated skin

I  hear you!


1. "The Pill" or "band-aid" treatment
 2. Need for weight changes
3. Following a restrictive diet

You're tired of hearing that the solution to your symptoms and hormone concerns are limited to:

You are ready to get to the bottom of your hormone symptoms, achieve peace with your body, and finally understand the best way to support YOU.

lets work together

I struggled with a missing period and countless symptoms for almost a decade before I found nourishing strategies to balance my hormones and reclaim trust in my body. 

Finding your strategy to create change is well overdue. Together we too can find your path to balance. 

I can't wait to get started. 
❤️ Your RDN and Coach, Olivia 

Balance your hormones. Eliminate your symptoms. Empower your health. 

Together we will free you from the confusion and anxiety around food, translate the science of nutrition in a way that is clear and applicable, and identify the path to support your personal nutrition and health journey.

The signals your body may be sending you are hard to navigate.. I get it! I have spent the last 10 years on my own health journey and learned A LOT each step of the way. 

Working together we will create a personalized plan that meshes with your life, reduces overwhelm, and allows for balanced and sustainable change.

You deserve to feel empowered, directed, and aligned with your health and how you feel in your body… I can’t wait to help you get there.

Liv Nourished Nutrition’s mission is to empower women in their health and guide them to healing so they can restore mind and body balance, reclaim confidence, and refocus energy into a life of purpose and joy.

lets connect!

We believe...

In food as medicine- the body’s intrinsic ability heal, nourish, and thrive through food choice
That each human body is different- at a cellular, microbial, and emotional level
Each person has a story and requires different tools to support their health
Eating real food tastes amazing and makes your body FEEL amazing
In progress not perfection
Food is NOT always the problem or the answer, but that our stress level, perception of happiness, and emotional wellbeing may just be the road block or highway to achieving your goals
Health is achieved through empowerment and self-compassion- not aggression
Nourishing your body should be FUN not a punishment or ultimatum
Change is possible for everyone at anytime
Tuning into your body, into the discomfort of the process, accepting ups and downs, and giving yourself space to observe change with grace are some of the greatest tools 
There is not one road alone to achieving a common goal…reroutes are only to be expected
Approaches that have helped you in the past may be failing you now…its ok!
That at different phases in our life, the body has different needs

We believe that you deserve to feel like your best self. Don’t you?

Hello, I'm Olivia!

After years of my own struggles with autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, mold illness, eczema, IBS, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and amenorrhea, I often felt frustrated and lost in my best steps for healing.

Through my advanced training in Functional Medicine and experience in working with over a thousand clients over the past 8 years, I fully recognize the complexity in experiencing health symptoms and I am confident in the process of healing to get you well. 

For the past 12 years I have studied the science of food and how it interacts with every cell in your body. My background includes a strong foundation in nutritional and exercise science, advanced training in integrative and functional medicine, and certificates in mindful/intuitive eating practices allowing for a deep understanding of the relationship between food, body and mind.

I call myself a nutrient seeker, but believe that nourishing your body is as much an art as it is a science. I speak to breaking down the walls of food shame and diet culture, establishing empowerment around food choice, and discovering how to befriend food and your body again – finally starting to enjoy the terrain of nourishing with confidence.

I am here to partner with you on your journey to feeling like your best self. You don’t have to wait any longer..it’s your time to feel freaking AMAZING. 

Street Cred

IFNCP: Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner, Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy
MB- EAT: Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training 
LDN: Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, State of Illinois 
RDN: Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, American Dietetics Association 
MS: Masters of Science in Nutrition and Physical and Performance, Saint Louis University 
CPT: Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine 
BS: Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Miami University 

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