I am not the food police, I am a teammate.


Together we will tackle your top concerns by addressing their root cause through
science-based solutions and personalized nutrition.


Get ready to spiral-up and feel empowered – understanding finally how to
nourish your body in way that serves you.



3 Month Program

Change your life with this all-encompassing nutrition program. Dive full steam ahead into finally feeling WELL.

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– Weekly 15 minute calls for goal setting and weekly planning
– 1 Pantry and fridge assessment and recommendations for personalized updates
– 1 video cooking tutorial or 1 hands on kitchen experience
– 1 option for a Monthly payment plan with a 3 month commitment


6 Month Program

Olivia’s signature program – Unravel your health story and execute a long-term plan that supports progress and sustainable change.


12 Month Program

 Make food as medicine your health FOUNDATION. Support your body now and through each season of the year.


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    An initial 90 minute assessment

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    Bi- weekly 45 minutes follow-up appointments ( 2 per month)

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     A thorough review of your health and nutrition history including a functional assessment of prior lab work (prior lab work from within 3 months of initial)

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    An anti-inflammatory nutrition plan tailored to your unique biochemistry

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    Follow-up notes, customized recipes, nutritional handouts, Blood Sugar Balance e-book, product lists, grocery shopping/meal planning to help you eat, function, and live better

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    Nutraceutical/Supplement recommendations

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    Advanced functional nutrition labs (stool test, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormones) as needed

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    Month to month payment commitment (complete payment up front will have a reduced price)

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    Unlimited support and food journaling via Healthie chat and the Healthie app



1 Month Program

If you are someone who feels like you eat well most of the time, but looking for personalization and a functional approach to kick their daily nutrition up an notch, this package is for you.

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Do you listen to nutrition podcast’s, follow food blogger trends on Instagram, geek out on nutrition science, and enjoy following the most current nutrition findings?


Maybe you have been wanting to experiment with a new eating style, but don’t know if it’s right for you, or where to begin?
If you are someone who feels like you eat well most of the time, but looking for personalization and a functional approach to kick your daily nutrition up aanotch, this package is for you.


– 1 90 minute initial assessment
– 1 45-minute follow up
– 1 month unlimited support via e-mail and ch
– Guidance on the balance of nutrients to put in your meals to help your body stay satisfied
– Guidance on delicious replacements for many common inflammatory foods and triggering foods personalized to your body
– Nutrition guidance designed to help enhance your gut health.
– Supplement Recommendations
– Advanced functional nutrition labs (stool test, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities) – Add on services may be necessary


3 Month Program

Are you working with a functional medicine doctor and looking for additional nutrition guidance and support?


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Together we will create a plan with food as medicine strategies and lifestyle changes to support both your health objectives and clinical lab findings. Here we may focus on blood glucose management, anti-inflammatory foods, or initiating a therapeutic diet to support conditions including IBS and chronic digestive issues, PCOS, high cholesterol, high blood sugars, chronic allergies, migraines, and mood disorders.


– 1 60 minute initial assessment
– Bi-weekly 30- 45 minute virtual follow ups
– Unlimited support via email/chat
– Communication with functional medicine doctor (under client consent)
– Follow-up notes, customized recipes, nutritional handouts, product lists, grocery shopping/meal planning
– Monthly payment plan with a 3 month commitment




30 minutes


45 minutes



60 minutes



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Make your weekly shopping choices and meal prep experience BETTER.  Meet Olivia at your local grocery store and customize a personal shopping day.  Whether it is reviewing strategies for meal prep, creating an organized shopping list for each week, navigating the aisles of the store with ease, or sharing my top weekly grocery buys and pantry staples, we will create a day that will equip you with tools to be a more efficient shopper moving forward.

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Let’s assess the status of your fridge and pantry and set a plan for upgrading the foods you have on hand to support your positive lifestyle changes.

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This hands of learning experience will provide you the tools to execute healthy habits on a weekly basis.  Together we will shop and prep a few items for your week. With emphasis on a theme (including 30- minute dinner meals, breakfast prep for the week, energy balls and strategic snack, and more!) or creating recipes specific to an ingredient or therapeutic food we have discussed in our nutrition coaching sessions, get ready to create some kitchen chemistry!

Are you interested in working with Olivia?

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Design a private cooking class for your next get together.  Choose a theme, ingredient, or new technique you would like to learn more about OR let me create an event with a few favorites I know you will love.

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Relieve the dread from your weekly shopping experience with a group grocery walkthrough and the 411 on strategic shopping!  What you put in your cart DIRECTLY reflects what you will put in your body. Figure out a cadence for shopping and how to better balance your grocery cart.  Take a tour of the grocery store for my top shopping tips, favorite products, and week. Customize this experience by sending your top shopping questions pre- walkthrough.


  •  Includes the Nourish Grocery Guide e-book with ant-inflammatory shopping list, balanced cart basics, pantry staples, fresh flavorful and seasonal recipes,  and favorite product list for favorite products and weekly staples at retailers including Mariano’s, Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes

Are you are health food product looking for representation in the media? Olivia highlights unique attributes in food products that expand the brand platform while educating and exciting consumers both health-conscious and non-believers!

Are you a company looking for consulting on your mission statement, health focus, recipe development, product ordering, or nutrition analysis of your menu or products? Are you a dietitian, student, or health professional looking to learn more about functional medicine and how to get into the field?

Create a movement in your workplace with Liv Nourished corporate wellness services. From guided team challenges and 1:1 nutrition “speed dating” to cooking demonstrations and lunch and learns, Olivia has your team covered to take the health and happiness of your office to the next level.

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