I am not the food police, I am a teammate.


Together we will tackle your top concerns by addressing their root cause 


We will emphasize nourishment and an abundant approach to nutrition vs. restriction and deprivation 


Through science-based solutions, mindfulness, and a personalized approach to nutrition and lifestyle, you will create a healing foundation to support sustained wellness. 


Get ready to spiral-up and feel empowered – understanding finally how to
nourish your body in way that serves you.


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    A 75-minute functional nutrition and lifestyle assessment

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    Follow-up sessions held weekly or bi-weekly

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    Mindset work, mindful eating, and tools for building a positive and grounded food relationship. 

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    A personalized nutrition plan tailored to your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, and relationship with food 

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    Session follow-up notes and customized recipe recommendations

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    Medical grade supplement recommendations – at a 15% discount

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    Functional lab testing recommendations and in-depth review of personalized lab results


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    Unlimited support via Messanger and monitoring with virtual food journaling features 

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Are you are health food product looking for representation in the media? Olivia highlights unique attributes in food products that expand the brand platform while educating and exciting consumers both health-conscious and non-believers!

Are you a company looking for consulting on your mission statement, health focus, recipe development, product ordering, or nutrition analysis of your menu or products? Are you a dietitian, student, or health professional looking to learn more about functional medicine and how to get into the field?

Create a movement in your workplace with Liv Nourished corporate wellness services. From guided team challenges and 1:1 nutrition “speed dating” to cooking demonstrations and lunch and learns, Olivia has your team covered to take the health and happiness of your office to the next level.

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